4-Year-Old Girl Tells Brave Story of Survival

Cancer is not a diagnosis you ever want to hear., but imagine getting the news when you're just four years old.

Jacey Jo is full of life and energy. She loves soccer and riding around in what she calls her dune buggy. But earlier this year Jacey Jo was diagnosed with leukemia.

"They drew some blood panels and they were really low as far as counts and they immediately had us go to Omaha where she was diagnosed the next morning officially," said Jacey's Mom Toby.

"It was like kinda scary and boring," said Jacey.

"She's amazing - to be poked with needles and have a port and to have to even just have the chemo, she throws up and she tells them thank you," said Toby.

And all those thank you's may have worked - Jacey Jo is officially in remission. But her journey to a full recovery isn't over. She has to get chemo for the next 2 years. That's miles upon miles of driving to and from Omaha for treatment.

"The social workers at Children's Hospital have been amazing as far as there's a program that does reimburse for 10 cents per mile for gas mileage and just our friends and our family and everybody has really stepped up," Toby said.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society even gave Toby a $100 gas card to help out, and a benefit will be held in her honor this weekend.

When asked if she knew what cancer was Jacy said, 'It's like when you go to Omaha and you have a fever."

Jacey may not know the real reason for visits to Omaha or how lucky she is to be on the path to recovery but she does know one thing.

"I like Michael Jackson the most. He is crazy!"

She still has a sense of humor.

In an effort to help Toby get a down payment on a reliable car to get Jacey back and forth to the hospital, Toby's sister will be holding a fund raiser Saturday, August 3rd at Rookies Bar in South Sioux City.

The Event starts at 8 AM with a car wash kicking things off. There will be live music, a lemonade stand, finger painting, raffles, photos, cookies and much more. The Children's events run from 10-2 PM. Free food starting at 10:30 until they run out.

And later on, a mix and Mingle event at Rookies Bar will be held from 5-7 PM.

For more info on how you can donate, call Toby's sister Susan at 712-223-0626.