The Urban Legend is True: Hundreds of Classic Chevys in Pierce, NE

(PIERCE, NE) People from around the world have gathered in the small town of Pierce, Nebraska, in the middle of a field just get to get a glimpse at history.

More than 450 classic cars parked side by side - some covered with dirt, broken glass and rust - but still worth a whole lot of money.

In the Heartland, the "Heartbeat of America" is pumping loudly. That's because thousands of people from all over the country and even the world are getting a chance that only comes around once in a lifetime.

"There's never been a collection of cars this cast that's just been sitting for so long in once place that's not just a junk yard selling its inventory. So I think that's why people are so shocked by them because these are complete cars minus a few things," said Rutledge Wood, Host of Top Gear on The History Channel.

He also likes to be referred to as the car geek.

Once you start taking a look inside and out, you start to realize how valuable these classics really are.

"There's a '58 cameo pick-up with one mile on it. That just doesn't happen. As far as cars go people would never hold on to them like that. Now A days there's a few special additions people might tuck away. You'd never see something as utilitarian as a pick-up that just never got sold," said Wood.

The Lambrecht Chevy dealership started up in Pierce, Nebraska, back in the 60's and for decades Ray, the owner, stored the trade-in vehicles on the family farm and in shacks. When he retired those cars stayed right where he parked them and this is the result.

"This is his history, this is his legacy, this is him," said Yvette VanDerBrink, Auctioneer for VanDerBrink Auctions.

And saying goodbye - well, you can bet it's been tough.

"Yesterday when we we're moving out the cars, he was having a hard time. Because it's sad and happy. He knows they're going to go to good homes. But that's your legacy. That's what people know you for and when they're all gone you're just sort of, you have the memories but not the cars," said VanDerBrink.

It doesn't matter if the windows are smashed, or the tires are flat - all the cars must go and the ones that don't, well it's a car lovers nightmare. They'll all be destroyed.

The starting bid on each car is $350 but if you're bidding on that '58 cameo...

"I thought before looking at the pictures online, the videos, I thought okay that's probably $100 thousand. Now that I've been underneath it and all through it I don't know what that thing will sell for. What people will pay is the biggest question that we have to figure out," said Wood.

A company called Proxibid is set up to allow people who can't physically be at the auction to take part in the bidding process.

Siouxland News Reporter Heather Leigh will be at the auction Saturday. It starts at 9:30 AM. Sunday at 9:30 AM as well.