75-Year-Old Onawa Woman Assaulted with a Stun Gun

(ONAWA, IA) 75-year-old Nancy Marnell is happy to be alive.

She was just about to go to bed, after all, it was almost 2 in the morning. But as she finished up in the kitchen, there was a loud banging outside.

"I unlocked the door a little bit to peek out, and they took and shoved the door open and rushed in," says Marnell.

Two masked men, 20-year-old Nicholas Conyers and 19-year-old Trae Carter, pinned Nancy against the wall, took out a stun gun, and tried to subdue her.

"The one said to the other guy that was holding me, you have to stun her on the neck, and they put it up to my neck on this side and it buzzed and stuff, and I just felt a little tingle and but it wasn't nothing," she recalls.

Nancy says, they tried again, then gave up.

The stun gun was broken.

It gets even more bizarre, that's when they tried to put a pillow case over her head.

"The taller one would try to put it on, and I would get it off, so he got disgusted, and he just grabbed it and took it with him. He got to the door, inside door, and he said all we want is your money," she says.

The two young men left with just 130 dollars.

"He said to that other guy, come on, lets get out of here, and they ran out of the house and they disappeared," says Marnell.

But they didn't go to far, that's because Conyers lives right next door. Police say it wasn't hard to pinpoint them to the crime, because they left footprints.

In fact, this wasn't the first time Nancy had met her attackers. One of them had stopped by earlier in the day, asking if he could borrow salt.

Even after all she's been through, Nancy still opened the door to the sibling of one of her attackers, when he came to ask for forgiveness.

"He said Ma'am, I want to apologize for what my brother did to you, and I said, oh don't worry about it, it wasn't your fault," she says.

Nancy says, she's only lived there since October, and doesn't know many people in the community. But, now, she says she doesn't plan on opening the door for just anyone.

The two suspects are both from Onawa, and being held at the Monona County Jail.
They're each charged with four felonies: 1st degree robbery, 1st degree burglary, assault while participating in a felony, and going armed with intent.