'89 Camaro Catches Fire in North Sioux - Driver Inside OK

(NORTH SIOUX CITY, SD) A Siouxland man is lucky to be alive tonight. That's because his car caught on fire while he was inside. It happened just after 5 o'clock on the Southbound I29 ramp in North Sioux City.

Scott Weigel has owned this 1989 Camaro Convertible for seven years now.

"I've spent a lot of time rebuilding it I've done a lot of work on it. I've been driving back and forth to work for the last couple weeks," says Weigel.

Today was no different. He left work shortly after 5 PM. He noticed something wasn't right with the car but figured he'd check it out when he got home. He took off towards I29 but before he could even get onto the interstate.

"it just died. So I went to re-start it again and as I was restarting it, it kind of started. It was running real rough for a bit then all of a sudden I heard a big loud explosion under the hood, a pop under the hood and fire started shooting out from underneath it from both sides and it started shooting out from underneath the floor boards."

Weigel had enough time to grab his bag and jump out. Two passing drivers called 911.
Firefighters showed up shortly after.

"They're thinking maybe a fuel line broke up and that's probably why it wasn't running quite right. I'm guessing that's what happened, that a fuel line broke and it just got hot enough by the time I drove it to here that started the fire," he says.

While firefighters worked to get put the fire out, Weigel's wife showed up. Both were visibly shaken.
He says he bought this car, after he had a motorcycle accident. It was the bikes replacement.

"I'm just glad that I was driving it when it did that, because I could just get right out right there, and it's just a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of effort that just went up in flames," says Weigel.

But one things for certain - he's happy to be alive.