A Look Inside The Potential Sioux City Hard Rock Site

"It's a really good looking building, it needs to be preserved," said Missouri River Historical Development President Mark Monson Tuesday, talking about the Sioux City "Battery Building."

That same building has been part of the Sioux City skyline for more than 100 years and if a new plan comes together it could transform into Sioux City's Hard Rock Casino.

The building has had many jobs over the years, but it's the possibilities the dusty old warehouse presents that have the Monson excited.

"I have a dream about it every once in a while," said Monson. "But I'm not the architect."

Sioux City Entertainment and MRHD are hoping to turn the space into the newest place to test your luck.

With wooden beams and exposed brick, the plan would see old architecture meeting new design in what could be the first of its kind.

"Has there been a Hard Rock done like this before? No, but that's the fun." said Sioux City Entertainment President Bill Warner. "Now we're going to be able to take a building like this and work with a contemporary design and make the two meld together."

Bomgaars has owned the building since the 1970's and the company's President says he'll be sad to see it go.

"I know every square inch of the building from the roof and clock tower, the basements and all the crawlspaces," said Roger Bomgaars. "So yeah, I'll miss it a little bit."

But with everything from architecture to location - it's right next to I-29 - supporters are glad a historic building may be preserved.

"It just has all the things that we think need to be there in terms of a casino," said Monson.

The Hard Rock's just one of a few proposals.

Ho-Chunk Inc. is also hoping to win the rights to a downtown casino.

That group will be showing off more detailed plans next week.

If the Hard Rock proposal does get chosen, it won't be finished until the summer of 2014.