A Man's Sanctuary Store

When customers walk into the Man Cave Shop, they are hit by the buzz coming from the walls of neon. Store owner John Witkowski got into neon on a whim when he started the Floyd Boulevard business three months ago. It was then, he became only interested to sell collectables suitable for a man's cave. "I had some neon lights at the house one day so I brought them here and set them in the window, four or five of them, and this is how the man cave originated," said Witkowski.

So what is a man cave? You might recall Al Bundy's garage in the TV sitcom Married With Children, Chandler and Joey's apartment from the TV series Friends, and Jerry Seinfeld's apartment, the epitome of a male hangout. Think of it as a male sanctuary."My prices they say are cheaper than some of these other places, you know I'm just going by what they tell me. It's really starting to be popular since we got some advertising out through the media and stuff. And we stuff in here all the time."

Some of Witkowski's more rare items are his vintage collection. He's become friends with professional antique collectors to search for man cave memorabilia.

Witkowski said, "We're pretty good about finding the items, the hard to find items. I got calls for hams and boulevards stuff, and fall staff stuff today. We'll find that stuff." And if nothing is beer related, it's sports-related.Witkowski said he has, "everything for the man cave, we just don't stop at one item."