One Man's Tractor Legacy

It's an interesting (and expensive) hobby. A man in Orange City, Iowa has collected tractors since the 1970s.

But when he passed away last year, his family decided to showcase his legacy one more time.

This family has close to 150 tractors. In fact, one of the tractors is from 1929, and they showcase them about every two years. However, if you want to see them you had better come now, because this is the last time they're showing them off.

It all started as a hobby for Dave Hawkins, but it quickly turned into an obsession. Visitors are shocked at what they see.

"They usually say, we knew he had tractors, but we didn't know he had this many," Judy Hawkins said.

Dave's wife Judy says her husband started buying tractors 40 years ago.

"It took him a few years for him to really get in to it, but in the later 80s and 90s we went to a lot of sales, and went to a lot of places looking for tractors and he got really in to it," she said.

Dave would restore each tractor to its former glory.

His grandson Alex says Dave used to babysit him, and they would ride tractors.

His favorite?

"The 29 D, that Grandpa had new, or actually his dad bought new in 1929," he said.

It's safe to say, these tractors are a staple in the Hawkins' family. That's why they want to show off Dave's hard work one last time.

"The ones that have the yellow and the green look nice on the lawn, so we try and bring those out, and some of the other ones we've got locked up in the shed. It's nice cement, concrete, and everyone can walk through, drive though, if some of the older folks are unable to walk," he said.

If you want to check these out, you're going to have to do it before Sunday, because that's the last day they're showcasing these tractors.

The Hawkins Family Farm:

10313 Nature Avenue, Le Mars Iowa - Plymouth County.


Who: The Hawkins Family

What: Huge Private Lifetime Collection: 150+ RARE Antique John Deere Tractors and Equipment for sale.

When: Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Where: 10313 Nature Avenue, Le Mars Iowa - Plymouth County.