A Set of Three: Cow Triplets Born in Larchwood, IA

(LARCHWOOD, IA) If you've never heard of a cow giving birth to triplets, you're probably not alone. That's because it's very rare but it can happen and it did at a farm in Larchwood, Iowa.

Meet the three famous calves named after X-MEN characters.

These baby calves are anxious for a warm bottle of milk. Tara Twedt, her husband John and his parents all live in Larchwood, Iowa, they've got a couple hundred cows - three of them are brand new to this world: Rogue, Storm and Gambit.

"John's had bottle calves his whole life so he's gone through a lot of other movie names on past calves so we were kind of limited in our choices," says Tara Twedt, caretaker for the three calves.

They may have interesting names but that's not the only thing that makes them different. They all came from one mom and the chances of that happening are 1 in 105,000.

"We've got a herd of about 225, so when you factor in that math it probably won't happen for another 467 years," says Twedt.

Tara says everyone knew the cow was pregnant but after having her first calf she continued to act strange.

"We found out she was having another one so that's when we thought O. K. twins, yea know and we went back to check on her later to make sure that had gone well and sure enough there were three of them all sitting beside her all slicked up," says Twedt. "We went around and checked the other cows to make sure something weird wasn't happening, like another one lost one."

But they found nothing out of the ordinary except the triplets.

Typically cows only have one calf so when there's three of them the mom tends to ignore the other two. So Rogue and Gambit here had to be separated so she wouldn't hurt them.

"I think if they had just stopped at two and had twins she would have been O. K. and not gotten as confused but once the third one came along she wont ever recognize the other two as her babies," says Twedt.

But that's O. K. with Tara because she's happy playing mommy for these newborns.