About KMEG 14 and FOX 44

KMEG 14 was started in Sioux City more than forty years ago by a group of local investors led by Bob and Norma Donovan.{} The Donovan's are credited as the founders of the station whose vision, early struggles and sacrifices have made KMEG's long term success possible.{} The call letters MEG (preceded by the letter 'K' as is mandated by FCC law) were selected in honor of Bob and Norma's daughter MEG who died in 1998.

Bob Donovan was a founding board member of the Arbitron Advisory Board and a long standing member of the CBS Affiliates Board as well as a leader for numerous Sioux City community organizations.{} Bob passed in 1997.

KMEG 14 has served the Sioux City DMA since 1968.{} Following the local owner group with the Donovan's in charge, KMEG sold to Maine Radio.{} In 1998, Waitt Media purchased the station from Maine Radio. Under Waitt's ownership, KMEG14 received significant upgrades, including the addition of evening and late-night newscasts, and an increase of tower height to 2,000 feet and power to five million Watts, which transformed the station's signal from Sioux City metro-only to full-market coverage spanning 23 counties in Northwest Iowa, Northeast Nebraska and Southeastern South Dakota.

KMEG is still{}licensed to Waitt broadcasting and is now{}associated with the Titan Broadcasting Management group. Affiliated with the CBS Network, KMEG is dedicated to quality programming, bringing local news, sports, weather, and community affairs to viewers.{}

KMEG News is known for its focus on the local communities that make up the Sioux City market.{} Newscasts are branded as "Your Hometown News", and the station works every day to live up to its brand.{} Copyrighted franchises of the station include 'Proud to be a Hometown Farmer', 'Hometown Zip Code' and 'For Goodness Sakes'.{} GAME NIGHT is the local sports feature.{} KMEG News is the only local newscast to receive multiple Emmy nominations.

The station is home to top-rated CBS Network programming such as CSI, Survivor, Navy NCIS, Without a Trace, 2 1/2 Men, and CBS Sports including NFL and NCAA football, the Masters Tournament and PGA Championship, and the NCAA Basketball Final Four.{}


KPTH FOX 44{}is licensed to{}TTBG Sioux City OpCo, LLC and is associated with Titan Broadcasting Management group.

The station began broadcasting in May 1999, initially covering the Sioux City Metro area before increasing to full power in October 1999.{}Full power extended its coverage area to include the 23-county area that makes up the Sioux City designated market area. {}With a powerhouse lineup of the most popular comedies available in syndication (Two and a half men,{}Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends, Seinfeld and The Simpsons),{}KPTH quickly became Siouxland's number one choice for entertainment and was recognized as the market leader with membership in the FOX #1 Club in 2004 and 2005. In partnership with the FOX network, KPTH is also the home for TV's most popular sporting events, including the NFL, BCS, NASCAR, and the World Series.{}

With a focus on local sports KPTH is also the home of Iowa High School sports championships as the station telecasts the state tournaments in basketball, wrestling and football.

The number one television show in America, American Idol, is a FOX product, as are House, Bones, Smarter than a Fifth Grader, and The Simpsons.

In the fall of 2006 KPTH launched Siouxland's only Prime Time newscast...KPTH FOX 44 News at Nine.{}The ratings have grown consistently since its launch as more and more Sioulanders choose to get their local news and hour earlier.{}

KPTH{}broadcasts from a 2000-foot tower, operating at 5,000,000 Watts of power, the maximum allowable by law; the all-new transmitting plant provides coverage over a 75-mile radius. KPTH's studio and control room constitute a state-of-the-art, all-digital technical facility with a world-class on-air look.{} KPTH is available in crystal clear high definition.{}