Above & Beyond: Nick Buckley

You might find him in the classroom or on the football field, but when the school day's done and the sports aren't in season, you'll have to look somewhere else for Nick Buckley.

He's an 18-year-old that gears up with the North Sioux City Volunteer Fire Department.

"I walked in on my birthday and handed them the application," said Buckley.

Since his birthday{}in August of 2012 he's had more than 12 hours of training and responded to more than 20 calls, everything from house fires to just helping out.

But even though he gears up in his free time, Nick doesn't leave school behind.

He's the football team's co-captain, he made first team all conference last season and he hits the books hard, too.

He's a 4.0 student after all.

"I really have to balance everything out," said Buckley.{}"I'll have some long nights with studying between coming home from football practice, possibly getting some call I have to respond to and coming home and continuing with my homework."

He's{}a good athlete and a great student, giving his time just to help out.

"I really hope that I'm helping steer some other kids in the right direction," said Buckley.

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