Above & Beyond: Danielle Schroeder

(REMSEN, IA) Once a month, Siouxland News and Morningside College ask you to nominate a student who goes "Above and Beyond" to make their community and school a better place.

She's an extraordinary student, although Danielle Schroeder would be the last one to tell you. Her Guidance counselor likes to describe her as a humble person, but it's almost impossible to ignore the things Danielle does that go above and beyond.

"Serving others will reward me far more in the future than serving myself," says Schroeder, a senior at Remsen St. Mary's High School.{}It's an objective statement that's blossomed into a way of life for Danielle. Her list of accomplishments reads like the resume of a much more experienced person, but Danielle is only a teenager.{}"I do a lot for the school but I'm really not one to make sure everybody knows every little thing that I do. I'm fine with just doing it and keeping it under the radar," she says.{}Danielle keeps busy during the week with: basketball, dance, jazz band, track, softball, cross country and cheerleading. On the weekends, she's either hanging out with family and friends or babysitting her special needs cousin, Devon.{}"I know how to play with him, and I can communicate with him and so I've just really gotten to get really close to Devon and he's like a little brother to me," says Schroeder.{}She's not just keeping her love of giving back in the family. Right now, she's helping women in Swaziland in Africa by selling their hand-made crafts in the U.S. and sending back 100% of the profit.{}"Getting to sell a bag for them is sometime their child's food on the dinner table that night, so knowing I got to help be a part of that, really is the biggest reward you could ask for," she says.{}She also helps bring Christmas cheer to a women's shelter in Sioux City, with gifts and a warm supper.{}"It's just the smiles on all the kids' faces and the mothers' faces, knowing that their kids did get to have a good Christmas," she says.{}She's a young woman changing the lives of those close to home and around the world, amping up a resume that already reads like a novel, and she hasn't even earned a high school diploma.{}"We need more students like that and I think I want students to see what one person can do, it kind of inspires them to do the same thing and follow in their footsteps," says Michael Phipps, Guidance Counselor at Remsen St. Mary's High School.

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