Above & Beyond: Kasey Michels

(NORTH SIOUX CITY, SD) Once a month, we ask you to nominate a student who goes "Above and Beyond" to make their community a better place. Our first nominee is Kasey Michels, a sophomore at Dakota Valley High School.

For Kasey, being a straight A student comes naturally. She says studying isn't her thing, but working hard and never procrastinating are her secret weapons.

She's only 16-years-old, but Kasey has already been taught a few life lessons that help her go "Above and Beyond" every day of her life.

Kasey's Grandmother, Jane, has played a vital part in her life. Two summers ago, Jane's health began to decline. She had cancer and Kasey knew it wouldn't be long.{}"She was like a great role model to me," Kasey said.{}"We knew she was dying, she didn't look like herself, she didn't know who we were. I was so scared to say goodbye."{}{}When Jane passed away, Kasey swore to never forget the lessons her grandma taught her to live by{}"She told me that the bullies would hurt people because something was going on in their life, so I should just ignore it," she says.{}As a victim of bullying, Kasey knows first-hand how bad it hurts.{}"I remember they would always bully me because they thought I was so skinny. And they thought I was anorexic. So I just shoved it off," Kasey said.{}So she uses her personal experiences to help others in school and in the community.{}"She always helps other kids, either with homework, or kids (who) are getting pushed around,"{}says Kasey's mom, Tami Michels. "She works with the elderly and loves it, and that's just what she does."{}{}Kasey works part time at Stoneybrook Suites, helping people who can't physically help themselves. When it comes to school, her band teacher says Kasey sets a good example for her peers.{}"In the band, I always like to have the kids help other kids out, teaching them parts and working with them. Kasey's one of those students that we can take and put her in a practice room, and she does," said Daryl Jessen, the band Director at Dakota Valley High school. "And when they come out they know their parts better."{}And just like her Grandma, Kasey hopes to be a role model for others.{}If you know a student who goes Above and Beyond, you can nominate them here.