Above & Beyond: Bobby McCauley

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

South O'Brien High School Senior Bobby McCauley could write a novel.{}"I like to get in the action. I don't like to sit back in the bleachers and be like quiet and shy," he says.{}He's the Publications Editor at South O'Brien and takes pictures for the yearbook.{}"I just like putting together something that you can look back in 15 years and say 'oh I don't remember that, but now I do.'"{}Capturing memories that will last a lifetime...

But, living in the moment and soaking up the high school experience is something Bobby lives by, and encourages his classmates to do the same.{}"People can take away your house, and take away your job and take away your car but they can take away your the education is the foundation of your being and your self."{}Which is why he practices what he preaches.{}"He pushes the class, and sometimes kids don't like it but because of him our publications staff gets stuff done and we get the yearbook done, and newspaper. He has a lot of stuff on his plate but he always gets it done," says South O'Brien Senior Megan Burmakow.{}"I've never really seen him not working. He's always doing something," says South O'Brien student Emily Riedemann{}"As far as a normal high school leader he takes it another step further," says fellow student Kaitlyn Aberson.{}Bobby may be a bit of a work-o-holic but everything he does involves others. He's a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician in Primghar, and hopes to eventually work in the medical field.{}"I like trauma. That's terrible for the patient but its kind of fun for me, and I like the differences. It's never going to be the same thing because you're going to have a different patient and a different situation," he says.{}When Bobby walks down these halls for the last time in May, he'll leave his classmates with the images and stories they'll take with them for the rest of their lives.