Accidental Shooting in Emerson

(EMERSON, NE) A four year old gets hold of a rifle and accidentally shoots his mother.

Tohsia Houfek of Emerson, Nebraska is now at Mercy Medical Center. Her condition is not being released at this time. The shooting happened just before 9:30 Thursday morning on State Street in Emerson.

An investigation by the Dixon County Sheriff determined her 4-year-old son was playing with a .30-06 rifle when it went off.

"There was a 4-year-old boy that got into a gun case that was under a bed. Managed to get the case open and took a rifle from the case and laid it on the bed, and was playing with it, and the gun went off. The bullet penetrated the wall and hit the mother who was sitting in a reclining chair on the other side," says Deputy Sheriff Roger Peterson.

The sheriff's office did not comment on whether her condition is life threatening. The shooting has been determined an accident.