Almost A Done Deal: Council Holds Off on New Glass Recycling Plan

It looked like it was a done deal.

After twice approving a plan to get rid of curbside recycling of glass in Sioux City, the City Council has stalled approving the plan on the third and final vote. Mayor Bob Scott has temporarily put the brakes on the idea.

Currently, Gill Hauling takes the glass to Omaha where a facility recycles it. The glass is mixed in, sometimes even smashed up, with other recyclable items - a problem the city says can't be sorted out in Sioux City.

"We don't have curb-side bin type trucks. We used to, but somewhere in the last 20 years we got away from those kinds of trucks and so it's impossible to do that with the trucks we have today," said Bob Scott, Mayor of Sioux City.

And with rising gas prices, Gill Hauling says it's not cost effective to take the glass to Omaha.

So it pitched an idea to get rid of it all together and have Ripple Glass, a Missouri-based company, pick up the glass at the Gill Hauling Landfill in Sioux City and take it to its facility to recycle. Glass items like jelly and pickle jars would no longer be picked up curbside, instead you'd have to collect them yourself and bring them to a special location.

The proposal, which needs approval from the City Council three times, was on its last reading Monday, before Mayor Scott said "Not so fast."

"I know we're going to incur some additional costs for Gill picking up those containers and for taking it out to the one place centralized. I think we just, in fairness to the community, we need to know what the savings are and what the additional cost is and right now we don't know that," he said.

Three Ripple Glass containers would be set up around town with a price tag of $18,000. Gill Hauling would pay for the bins. A fourth container would be set up at the Sioux City Landfill on 28th street but it would be a Gill Hauling bin.

Owner Leonard Gill tells Siouxland News he's confident the city and Gill Hauling will come to a deal. The suggested glass recycling changes will be brought up again to the city council in two weeks.