American Airlines Staying at Sioux Gateway

American Airlines is set to continue sending flights from Sioux City to Chicago for two more years. The decision was passed by the Department of Transportation to continue the Essential Air Service agreement with American Airlines that had been set nearly two years ago.

Flights will continue to Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. This year's contract came after a bidding competition between American Airlines and United Airlines to provide the best service with the lowest subsidies.

American Airlines' bid was nearly half as much as the previous contract.

"We're glad to see that the cost is coming down. We'd like to think that we can support the airline enough to actually get off of EAS at some point. And we're looking forward to building additional flights," said Airport Director Curt Miller. "You know, American could add additional service to Dallas or one of their other hubs, and that would really compliment again the service we have today."

Miller says this new contract pairs well with the new Frontier Airlines contract which will be heading west to Denver starting mid June.