Big Changes for Season 13 of American Idol

There's a new face on the judges panel of American Idol and the popular return of another.
The Sioux City Journal's Bruce Miller got the opportunity to sit down with the judges in LA this week. He gave us the scoop!

The show that dominated America's television sets back in 2002 is now into its 13th season and several of those crowned America's next Idol have become major super stars.

"It's a stream-line show, it's a Cinderella story, it's very easy to understand. It's the perfect formula for taking someone who has no experience but a lot of talent and turning them into something that everybody can enjoy," said Harry Connik Jr., the newest Judge on American Idol.

That part of the show will stay the same but the Managing Editor of Entertainment and Living at the Sioux City Journal, Bruce Miller, says the judges told him there will be some changes.

"They've added a couple social media elements. They have a thing called the chamber, which is, you'll get to see them before they perform. It's like a little box they stand in. You get to see how nervous the kids are. They also have a thing called hashtag home or hashtag Hollywood and you get a chance to vote what you think, if they're going to put them on to Hollywood or if they're going to stay home," said Miller.

Miller says they've also gotten away from airing the bad auditions. Who can forget William hung who gave his rendition of Ricky Martin's She Bangs in season 3.

Bruce says there won't be any cat fights on the judges' panel, which leaves the judges more time to focus on the contestants. J.Lo says the bus tour is also something new this year.

"Instead of just going to major cities and hoping that people get there, some people can't afford to take off work. Some people can't do those things and this bus tour went through these smaller cities and picked up all new contestants and gave even more opportunity to people that normally wouldn't have had it," said Jennifer Lopez, Judge on American Idol.

The judges told Miller they've already come across some amazing talent. So what do you have to do to get Keith Urban's attention?

"He says you don't have to be the best singer but you have to be really honest and true to yourself and original. And I guess that's what we'll be looking for this year, people who are a little different than all the others. They're not going to be a clone of somebody else we've already seen," said Miller.

We followed 3 contestants through their auditions in Omaha. We'll have their story this season. Tune in to see whether they made it and follow them on their journey.