Another Name Is Added to IA Governor's Race: Jack Hatch

The list of people who want to replace Governor Branstad just got a little longer.

State Senator Jack Hatch of Des Moines made a campaign stop in Sioux City Monday night.

Hatch had been on what was a three month"'exploratory' phase" of a campaign trail, as he traveled around the state to decide whether to run.

Monday, he announced that he's in the race for the long haul during his 6 stops throughout Iowa, including here in Sioux City.

That means the campaign for Iowa governor is heating up, at least for the Democrats.

Hatch met with supporters at an airport conference room, where he told the gathering he's looking to rebuild Iowa.

"So, when we talk about small business, that's the engine of job creation in this state. It's not bring the big companies in. It's empowering our communities to work with the businesses in their communities to find the resources to build new business opportunities and that's where I'm going to spend most of my time as a governor to allow all of those partnerships to develop."

Supporters have already backed the candidate, while some others are weighing out the options.

But one clear stance among several people is it's time to end the Branstad administration.

"20 or 22 years of Terry Branstad-- people are ready for a change. You know there were difficult economic times that help Branstad get elected but I really think he's part of the past and we need to start having more forward-looking policies and I think Jack offers a nice contrast to that," said Former IA State Senator Al Sturgeon.

State Senator Hatch agrees and thinks he's the leader Iowa needs.

"We need somebody with the experience to fight for the middle class in this state. I've proven that I have that experience. I've led the charge on clean water, on education, on health care all the major elements that help families stay together and communities grow." OR