Anti-Binge Drinking Campaign Expands

A campaign to reduce binge drinking in Woodbury County is expanding.

It's part of a collaborative effort between Jackson Recovery Centers and Sioux City Police. Funding has been made available through the Iowa Department of Public Health and U-S Department of Health and Human Services.

Using radio and television ads, along with bus stop and transit posters, the campaign called "Changes You" focuses on how kids perceive adults who binge drink.

"Part of this grant is to change environmental strategies and make it so more people will be less likely to put themselves in those situations. And one way we do that is by training bartenders and alcohol establishments to... you know give people responsible amounts. And if they've had too much to cut them off," said campaign coordinator Davidson Wissing.

The new campaign will focus on the toll that binge drinking takes on a family and is set to run through July.