The 20th Annual Art Splash is Here!

Artists and food vendors are gearing up for the 20th annual Art Splash Festival.

It's Aug. 31st - Sept. 1st at Riverside Park, and with the warm temperatures, folks from the Art Center are hoping extra shade from the trees will keep things cool.

"Up in Smoke" is a clever name for how most of us are feeling when we step outside lately, but it's actually the name of a pottery company based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This weekend it will be at Art Splash.

"Our pottery is a little different. It's all done with no glazes so it's not food safe, but very beautiful and decorative. There's several different techniques we use: to your basic pit fire, all the way down to a brand new emerging coming into the United States called Obvara," said Kiesha Dykstra, owner of Up in Smoke.

Dykstra showed off some of those pieces and she says the process involves an Obvara mixture which helps create an off white to almost black speckled look on the finished product.

"We ran into a Youtube video of a gal doing it in Germany and we're like, oh we've got to figure out how to do this, this is really cool. We've spent all winter doing a couple different firings, still playing with it but it's a lot of fun," she said.

Folks from the Art Center pick out the artists they feel will do best here, but the art vendors come from all over the country and getting in is hard to do.

"This is actually our first time here at Art Splash, we tried to get in for several years," said Dykstra. "You might not get in the first time you apply!"

But once you're in, if your product is popular, you could end up like Janet Ihrke who's been selling German-roasted almonds for 18 years at Art Splash.

"What happens when I cook this wonderful aroma goes out amongst all over, and everyone just seems to love it because we keep coming back and we keep doing really good," said Ihrke.

Art Splash is Saturday, August 31 from 10-6 and Sunday, September 1st from 10-5. Siouxland News will be out here introducing the musicians so come on out and enjoy a great time and don't forget to say hi!

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