Awesome Biker Nights Donates $60K to Charity

Siouxland charities received some big checks this afternoon. The Awesome Biker Nights committee announced their donations to various charities involved in the event this Thursday. This year, the committee gave away $60,700 which is one of the highest totals in the history of the 15 year event. "Funds are raised through selling raffle tickets through our gate and the people that come to our event," said Awesome Biker Nights Chair John Jager. "After everything is all paid for and everything's all said and done, we give to the charities and they get a bonus on their sales. This combines the sales of their raffle tickets and how they perform at the gate, too." The event is still focused on providing care to child victims of severe burns. The committee awarded 17 thousand dollars to the St. Florian Fire & Burn Foundation, the founding charity for the event.