Learning to Soar: Baby Screech Owl Saved in Sioux City

If you would have looked inside a special kennel Wednesday at the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center in Sioux City, you would have seen a fluffy little guest.

A baby screech owl.

It was brought in by Sioux City Animal Rescue and staff at the nature center spent the day making sure it didn't get too used to humans.

But even though it couldn't have company, it was eating well.

"Good thing is we have a freezer full of mice," said Dawn Snyder, with the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center.

During it's brief stay, it was hard not to get too attached to the fluffy little owlet's face.

"We have the owl here temporarily just to stabilize it, and we've contacted S.O.A.R.," said Snyder.

S.O.A.R. stands for "Saving Our Avian Resources."

The group will raise the owl, but at least he was in good company during his time at the Nature Center.

There are a few birds of prey there that can't be released, either because they're injured or they just like humans too much.

If you see any cute little faces in the wild like that little screech owl, just remember one thing.

"If you find a wild baby, the best to do is leave it be," said Snyder.

To find out how the baby owl is doing, you can check out the S.O.A.R. web site for updates.

You can visit it here: