Back To School Costs of School Supplies Drop

School bells are right around the corner.

Siouxland teachers will be back next week to prepare for their students, which means parents are getting ready to send their kids back to the classroom.

But this year, they may see a decrease on prices.

From pencils and notebooks to uniforms and lunch boxes, parents on average can spend nearly $700 dollars for their kids on apparel, shoes, supplies and more.

This year though, the National Retail Federation says that cost has gone down to about $630 dollars for parents.

But just because the prices are down, doesn't mean it makes it any easier on parent's pockets.

Summer vacation is almost over. It's back to 8 A.M. mornings, homework from math class and science fair projects. But before kids can get back to school, parents will need to do a little shopping.

This year, the Siouxland School District is continuing to simplify that with one simple list of basic supplies.

"Instead of every school having their own list, we went with a district supply list per grade level and we surveyed teachers and principles throughout the buildings and said what a re the supplies you use the most and we simply eliminated the ones that are really random. Our list is really basic, it's notebook, folders, crayons, pencils, it's not a green checking pen or a purple checking pen; it's a very specific item that they need," said Allison Benson, Siouxland School District Director of Communications.

Many local stores say back to school shoppers are using the list.

With schools opening in a little less than month, most parents are in aisles looking for supplies, but also where they can stretch their dollars the most.

And many parents say that one consolidated list helps to better budget.

"It's not very expensive. I kind of like school supply shopping. We get a lot. I get a big box and I fill it up, like, I think right now I have 20 notebooks and 15 boxes of crayons just because it's all stuff you use at home too," said Stephanie Lussier.

Buying in bulk is one way to save; other easy steps are to:

1. Research back to school sales

2. Shop online for discounted products, especially electronics

3. Plan out purchases before buying them.

For parents that financially qualify, Siouxland School District also runs several programs that work with local organizations to donate supplies to kids who need it.

You can also join our initiative "Pack the Bus" at local Hyvee stores to add to our school supply drive. Click here for more information.