Beating the Heat With a Float Down the Floyd

Heat waves are common occurrences during your typical Siouxland summer,and this week has been no exception.

While those temperatures are driving most folks inside, there's one Siouxland business that's turning high heat and humidity into dollar signs.

With heat indexes in the lower hundreds, it's downright miserable outside. Construction workers have been braving that humidity and heat all summer, but while most try to avoid it, one business is using it to thrive.

Pipe Dream Camping and Tubing, near Hinton, Iowa, gives folks a chance to beat the heat with a float down the Floyd River. After three years in business, Mother Nature's hot attitude this year is helping out.

"The first year was rainy and cold, second year was rain, and then this third year, finally we get some heat, and nice weather, and so people are starting to show up," says Brandon Bradshaw, Owner and Operator of Pipe Dream Camping & Tubing.

The sandy river combined with rising mercury draws two to three hundred people to the river every weekend, and that's on the rise.

"With this heat index of 115, it's a good time to get out here. Sit on the beaches, relax with all your buddies, and make sure you stay hydrated when you come out here, because there's a lot of people that don't do that," says Bradshaw.

So if you have to be out in the heat, it never hurts to have some fun.

Right now Pipe Dream is open from 11 to 6 every day. They're hoping to stay tubing through September.

Remember, when you're outside during the day, heat related illness can set in quickly.

Stay inside if you can, make sure to you're hydrated, and take extra breaks if you're out there.

Also, watch for symptoms like lightheadedness, confusion, and extreme fatigue. If you experience any of that, get inside, drink a lot of water, and see a doctor.

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