Bishop Heelan Helps Feed Hungry in Honduras

A healthy meal is something many of us take for granted, but Wednesday Siouxland students were helping feed the needy half a world away.

It's part of a program called "Then Feed Just One," and nearly everyone over at Bishop Heelan was pitching in.

It is definitely for a good cause, really a project for the poor.

More than 900 5th through 12th graders at Bishop Heelan were packing meals to send to Honduras.

Before the end of the day they were going to try and pack 120,000 meals; with ingredients that make a pretty plain meal.

A little rice and seasoning, vegetables and chicken that'll make a huge difference.

Helping feed the needy and making young kids aware of a much larger and world-wide need.

"It's great, because, I mean, this small gym will make so much food for so many people, it's fantastic," says Joe Berschooer, a Freshman at Bishop Heelan Catholic High School.

"They really do get into it and the comments we were hearing are, 'I can't imagine having only this to eat in a meal,' and 'oh, I want to put in extra because I want them to have more to eat,'" says Mary Jayne Mousel, Head Teacher at Bishop Heelan High School.

This was the third time that Bishop Heelan prepared meals for "Then Feed Just One."

Last year students were able to make 131,000 meals.