Blue Zones Project Launches Official Kick-Off with Founder Dan Buettner

We've heard the term "Blue Zones" used for months in Sioux City.

But Thursday that community-wide health initiative was officially launched by the man who developed the concept.
The Blue Zones Project helps people live longer and healthier lives through really easy every-day activities.

This afternoon, Sioux citians listened to the challenge given by Dan Buettner to get active.

Buettner wrote a book about the blue zones and later developed the project.
Now, Sioux City hopes to use this project to get to a healthier state.
After several months, the Blue Zones Project was launched in the heart of downtown Sioux City with healthy snacks, booths of information and positive feedback, and live entertainment.
But what's all the hype about? "We have something, I think, for about 80 percent of the population who would want to get healthier and are willing to take a few steps. And our approach has you making small tweaks to your home environment, your kitchen environment and your social network so you make the effort for a couple hours now and you can forget about for the next 10 years and you'll automatically get healthier," said the project's founder. That's the project in a nutshell and leaders and experts say it will work. "They're going to start to see their world differently and they're going to start to look for every change and celebrate it and start to realize they can eat better, they can walk more, they can be more active-socially engaged..." said Dan Burden, executive director of the Walkable & Usable Communities Institute. The Blue Zones Project leaders believe that Sioux City has the tools to become healthier, but it'll take some community engagement and everyday active activities, along with some healthy eating and portioned meals and relaxing family activities. But if you need one more push of motivation, try taking the pledge.
The city has 3 years to put into to place the suggestions and guidelines of the blue zones project.
During the next several years, a team of experts will measure the city's progress. OR