Blue Zones Suggests Changing Parking Lot into a Park

A few months ago, Dan Burden, a member of the Walkable and Livable Communities Institute teamed up with the folks from Blue Zones to take a walkability tour around downtown Sioux City.

One of the things Burden discovered was the city-owned parking lot north of the Promenade Theatre at 5th and Virginia. He suggests building a park in its place because the view is so outstanding.

So, Blue Zones presented his findings to the city, and yesterday council members paid a visit.

"If it's determined not to move forward as a parking lot, then the city would be the ones to say, maybe they could do a rain garden, possibly a different plan for that space there that more people could use as a destination location in Sioux City. You know walk to the park and have lunch, get together and build their social network. All sorts of benefits," says Sue Brown, with Blue Zones.

Brown says she anticipates the city will talk about it during its next council meeting.