Bomb Scare at Remsen-Union Turns Up No Immediate Threat

(REMSEN, IA) It happens all too often -- tragedies in our schools and other public places. That's why students and faculty at Remsen-Union Community School took a bomb threat very seriously this morning.

Everyone quickly evacuated the school and police swooped in to search for any evidence of an explosive.

Luckily Police didn't find a bomb. At 3 o'clock they let kids back into the building to grab their things but early this morning, the superintendent didn't want to take any chances which is why the school was evacuated.

Police still don't know who gave the threat and wont release to us what the threat even was because of the investigation but the Superintended tells me it was significant enough to act upon.

"Some people were crying."

"I was just thinking and hoping that my mom would get there quick."

Those are just a few of the emotions kids were dealing with after they were evacuated from their school early this morning. A faculty member told the superintendent she received a threat she felt was worth looking into.

"We're not going to go into the manner, whether it was a phone call or message or something of that sort because that's under investigation as we speak. But it was enough of a concern that law enforcement and the administrative team [decided] that a crisis management plan would be put into place," said Ken Howard, Remesen-Union Schools Superintendent.

That plan began immediately. The intercom boomed throughout the building with the message to evacuate.

Many of the kids thought it was just a drill until they got outside and saw the buses waiting to take them to a safer place.

"I was like nervous at that point and was like oh crud, what's happening," said Trent Kliever, a 7th grader at Remesen-Union.

The buses took kids to a local church where parents could pick them up after signing them out. But it's hard to imagine why someone would do such a thing.

"Everybody that I know right now, I don't know who would do that," Trent said.

The adults are just as baffled.

"You never know why somebody would put this forth. It could be an issue where they're trying to call for help or doing it for other reasons. But I would hate for it to be somebody saying hey you know this would be a great way to get out of school, and with that being said the consequences will be harsh," said Howard.

"Teachers were all organized and stuff for knowing that, hoping it wouldn't happen," said Sarah Kliever, a 5th grader at Remsen-Union.

The fact that it didn't happen has kids like Trent very thankful.

"It's safe and we can like go to school and not be scared of blowing up," he said.

Larry, it was obviously a very scary day for kids and faculty members. School will be open Tuesday with added security.

An investigation into who gave the threat is ongoing. In a press release the superintendent said: "Charges will be filed and consequences afforded as defined by local board policy and state/federal law."