Books For Budding Brains Kicks Off 2012 Collection Drive

For the 4th year in a row, KMEG 14 is teaming up with D2 to help bring Books for Budding Brains to Siouxland.

Since 2009, the program has collected and distributed more than 11,000 books to kids throughout Siouxland. Today, they kicked off their 2012 campaign, dropping off collection boxes at sponsor sites around the area.

This year, they're also expanding their focus, looking to line up volunteers to read to children.

"The Books for Budding Brains is really about growing these brains, budding these brains into something, and we need to take that extra step and actually read with them," said Emily Wells with Books for Budding Brains.

"Everybody at Dakota PC, we know that technology, and learning about technology is really important, so reading is a fundamental building block to learning about technology," said Keith Thomas with Dakota PC Warehouse.

Books for Budding Brains are accepting donations through the end of May.