BPI Announces Corporate Job Cuts

BPI has announced it will cut 86 corporate jobs here in Dakota Dunes. In a statement, the company told us this is a very sad day, because they personally know these people, and says their family business will never be the same.

And the company hasn't been the same for more than two months now. BPI has been struggling to regain market status for its Lean Finely Textured Beef product.

Just last week, the company announced more than 650 people will lose their jobs in Iowa, Kansas, and Texas on May 25th. Add in these new cuts and that means a total of more than 735 people will be out of work.

"It's never easy to go through a round of layoffs, but it's particularly difficult when they are your colleagues and they are your friends, and they've been associates for many years," said Chris McGowan, Siouxland Chamber of Commerce President.

And he says the entire community will feel the impact.

"We fight every single day to recruit companies exactly like BPI to this community, companies that will put their corporate headquarters in our community, that will employ people in entry level positions, in middle management positions, in senior executive positions, and those that are impacted today present a real challenge for us in this community, moving forward," he said.

"These are the kind of jobs, the kind of people who are employed there, that are really important to a community like around Siouxland," said Jim Miller, a Siouxland resident.

BPI says these cuts are because of the negative misconceptions about LFTB. Company officials say they are "convinced that consumer demand for our high quality lead beef will return".

The layoffs at the three plants will happen May 25th. BPI also said they will offer a severance package to its corporate employees, they will be compensated their current pay for the next 60 days.