Briar Cliff Patches Water Main; Students Return to Campus

The main problem still isn't fixed, but a Siouxland university has found a way to re-open its doors. Tonight a good majority of students at Briar Cliff University in Sioux City are able to stay in their dorm rooms, and classes will resume tomorrow.

This comes two days after a water main break left much of the campus without water or heat, forcing students to sleep elsewhere.

Some stayed with friends and family; 39 stayed in West Middle School's Gym Sunday night, and 25 stayed at the American Red Cross last night.

Crews working on the water main break have been able to re-route the water supply, so it can be used to provide heat and plumbing to almost all of the buildings on campus.

"We identified a spot on the campus where we could actually create a break in the main and therefore cap off the system and therefore minimize the places that the water could run. That allowed us the opportunity to bring water back to the campus facilities but we could not get to Baxter DiGiovanni," said BCU President Bev Wharton.

Baxter Hall residents are staying on campus tonight, but in a separate area. Crews haven't been able to reach the break yet, but they know where it is.