Briar Cliff Students Help Rebuild In St. Lucia

Some local college students have returned from the mission trip of a lifetime.

The Briar Cliff University students visited the island of St. Lucia in the West Indies.

They were invited to stay at a convent with nuns who've been helping the island nation for five years.

During their ten day stay they volunteered to help re-build and re-paint homes.

They also delivered basic essentials such as paper and pencils to local classrooms.

"One thing that I've learned is service to others and how much it helps them. You have no idea it fills your soul...I feel like they helped me more than I helped them," said BCU student Jane Hartigan.

Even though St. Lucia has been a honeymoon destination for years, this trip was much more than a vacation.

It gave the students invaluable real-world experience.

"So all of this helps people to maybe change attitudes. And look at how other people in the world live who are less fortunate. Because we have so much we take for granted. And our young people just kind of believe it's always going to be there. But that's not true for the bulk of the world's population," said Sister Janet May, Director of Ministry at Briar Cliff.

This was the first year Briar Cliff has offered the May Term mission trip to St. Lucia.