Bullying Prevention Videos Win Awards

Some area middle school students have been honored for their videos aimed at preventing bullying.

The "Be Somebody" campaign is sponsored by Siouxland Cares and Briar Cliff University.

Middle school students were asked to make an anti-bullying video to raise awareness.

East Middle School won for its video about cyber bullying.

Holy Cross was the runner up for a video about the dangers of stereotyping.

"Kids our age... older... maybe even younger have committed suicide because of it. And it's a really serious problem that needs to be fixed," said Holy Cross student Alaina Lyons.

"I think this was a great opportunity for our school and specifically our life-team to come together and do a project we all felt we participated in and made a difference in this issue," said Holy Cross student Sam McGowan.

The kids worked with Briar Cliff students to shoot their winning videos.