Camp Goodwill Kicks Off Summer Season

Nearly 100 Siouxland kids, The first group of the summer, are having fun at Camp Goodwill this week.

They're doing everything, from showing their artistic sides with arts and crafts, to swimming in the pool.

"We get to go in the pool, we get to go swimming, we get to do these little team exercises which is really fun," said Bailee Bean, and 11-year-old camper from Sergeant Bluff.

The camp usually serves 48 girls and 48 boys every week for just over a month every summer.

The people who work there say it's not just about having fun, the camp experience has a lot to teach everyone.

"(You can) learn new things and experience new things," said Camp Director Steve Moore. "Whether they're and 8-year-old camper or a 21-year-old counselor, there's everything to learn."

Some 70,000 children have been to Camp Goodwill since 1927 and there are still a few open spots at camp.

To register, please call: (402) 494 - 4872.