Camp High Hopes Honors Donors with Banquet

Volunteers for a unique camp here in Siouxland were honored Thursday night.

A banquet was held in honor of those who've donated their time and effort to make Camp High Hopes such a success.

Camp High Hopes is a year-round care and recreational facility for people with disabilities.

200 people were honored by Camp High Hopes C-E-O Ali Langseth, but the Volunteer of the Year award went to the group from Premier Bankcard. Several members of the company took part in fundraising events for the camp.

"I think Ali and her team do a wonderful job out here, and they've come and spoke at some of our events that we have for our employees, and have shared the different things that they do with not only me, the rest of my team, but even our senior management team in Sioux Falls. And they're very excited about the things that we've accomplished here with Camp High Hopes," said Premier Bankcard Assistant Vice President Steve Bull.

Camp High Hopes has been in operation for about two years.