Iowa Casino Commission Tours Siouxland Gaming Sites

You could hear the fanfare just north of Salix.

That's where things got started Tuesday morning, with Penn National Gaming pitching the Hollywood Casino Siouxland. The only plan that would put a new casino outside of Sioux City.

Next up, folks were treated to a miniature concert as the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission took a tour of the battery building.

The site that could turn into the Hard Rock Casino Sioux City.

The group was able to take a glimpse at a miniature model of the iconic guitar as well as get a peek at a hotel room and what the grounds could become.

"Instead of bringing just a casino we think we can bring a full entertainment destination," said Sioux City Entertainment President Bill Warner. "We think we can bring something that's going to be a little bit of entertainment for everyone."

Third on the agenda: the IRGC group was treated to a more private affair with Ho-Chunk, Inc. CEO Lance Morgan.

He was making his case for the Warrior, a casino project which promises to restore the Davidson Building and the old Warrior Hotel downtown.

"We want the Warrior to be both classy and fun." said Morgan. "I think that we're never going to be Hollywood and we're never going to be Las Vegas, but we're going to have a very unique sort of Iowa twist on a good time."

For the last stop on the tour, the IRGC headed back to Hollywood with a look at Penn's second proposal: another Hollywood casino, this one downtown.

"We are the most experienced operator," said Lance George. "Total economic impact from this facility, because of TIF financing, we offer the greatest, both here and in Siouxland."

The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission is expected to make a decision on which casino will come to Siouxland on April 18th.