Sioux City Casino Contenders Push For Support

(SIOUX CITY, IA) - What new casino plan do you like best for Sioux City? With just six days until an important public hearing and tour of the proposed sites, the contenders are working feverishly to get your support.

Sites like Facebook have been the hot spot for all four casinos to push their plans. Now the companies want the community to show its support in person on Tuesday to prove to the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission which camp has the best plan for Sioux City.
Hard Rock Casino Sioux City is hard to miss with a storefront downtown. The Warrior put life size renderings on the side of the building while Penn's Hollywood Casino has plans for two different sites. All three show their faces on Facebook. "What we wanted to try to do is communicate on as many levels as possible. Some people are more comfortable with Facebook, some people are more comfortable walking into an office," said Bill Warner, President of Sioux City Entertainment. Hard Rock's handing out cards to get people involved and have them come and show their support on Tuesday. "The thing that excites people is the brand power that they have. People are excited that this possibility could come into town. And so it shows and they want to be connected with it," said Beth Trejo, a member of the social media team for Hard Rock Casino Sioux City. Warrior Entertainment said its pitching more than just a casino and hotel. It's a chance to expand the city's economy. "We're really looking at really including all of downtown Sioux City, marketing that through the Warrior Entertainment district and as a result, that whole concept is a benefit to the Sioux City business community," said Warrior Entertainment Marketing Director, Janice Jessen. Meanwhile, Penn National sees its proposals as the most economically stable. "We're going to be invested in the most out of all three of the companies. We will be generating most tax dollars from a property tax standpoint than any of these other applicants. And the fact is that we don't require any kind of tax payer dollars to build our casino," said Karen Bailey, Vice President of Public Affairs for Penn National Gaming. And with just days to go until the gaming commission comes to town, all three are hoping for a big show of support on Tuesday.
The gaming commission's site visits kick off at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday. A public forum starts at 1:30 p.m. at the Stoney Creek Inn. People who want to speak are urged to call the commission's office in Des Moines to sign up or you can register at the forum.