Catching "Poo"petrators in North Sioux City

You might call it CSI: Canine. A Siouxland apartment complex is tracking down pet owners who leave behind dog poo using DNA tests! The Prairiewood Townhomes in North Sioux City is doing this, using a program called PooPrints.

When a resident gets a dog the apartment takes a DNA sample. Then, if someone doesn't clean up after their pup, it's time to call in the doggie detectives.

Jolene Loetscher of DooGooders said, "When a tenant lives at a property that uses PooPrints, they will swab the cheek of the dog and that collects the DNA. Painless, simple, goes in the mail; and our lab we work with in Knoxville collects the DNA, and then if the property finds some "poo"petrator, they will take a nickel size of the doo and make what we call a 'poo milkshake.' Then the lab can match it up, and they can find the tenant as they choose to."

"The benefit of it is we can hold pet owner or animal owner responsible. It helps create some accountability, which then creates that sense of urgency to get out, clean up the property, basically keeps the community looking healthy, and it creates a better living experience for our residents," said Nick Blau, Regional Manager of Lloyd Companies.

Poo-Puns aside, the company that handles poop collection "DooGooders", points out there's an environmental benefit too. Picking up doggy doo keeps it from turning into runoff and flowing into streams and rivers.

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