Changes Coming to the Stub Gray Shooting Range

The Stub Gray Shooting Range near Correctionville was closed in early May because vandals were shooting signs, shelters and dumpsters. But some changes are on the way that could get the range up and running soon.Bullet holes, littered shotgun shells, a common theme of the Stub Gray Shooting Range in recent months.But major improvements are coming thanks to the Woodbury County Conservation Board. "We're going to change the backstop on the rifle range and bring in other earth a burns in front of the target holders and develop some different types of different target shooting stands for the handgun range and put in some for the shooting tubes to help reduce the noise concussion problems from firing in those tubes," said Rick D. Schneider of the Woodbury County Conservation Board. The board will also be implementing membership cards and a locked gate and these changes are coming soon. "Most of the construction stuff will happen after November 1st. It depends how fast we can get that stuff put together but we hope to get that range open by the end of the year," said Joe Bisaccia of Siouxland News. Schneider said once the improvements are made, the range should be able to police itself.