Chicago Native Paddle Boards Missouri & Makes Sioux City Stop

One man is taking on a daring mission this Summer, as he paddle boards down the Missouri River.

It's a fascinating journey that Scott Mestrezat has been on since he first grew interested in the sport back in 2008.
But long before then, at 10 years old, he knew he would take the once in a lifetime ride with his paddle board down a river like the Missouri.
And today he's living that dream. After several years of planning, the Chicago native teamed up with the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation to take a deep plunge into his adventure.
Foundation members meet up with the paddle boarder at different locations of the river to help with food and a place stay; they also pass on a bit of rich history.
Mestrezat's favorite part of the trip is watching nature unfold before him. "Even though it probably seems like the days are the exact same-- just paddling down the river-- there's been some pretty different landscape I've gone through. I've seen so--I've been 1,600 miles. I've seen all kinds of landscapes and country," said Mestrezat. Even with the great scenery, the ride down the Missouri and Mississippi hasn't always been easy, given the unpredictable weather conditions he's experienced. "You're always paddling into the wind it seems like. So South Dakota was a really tough state. I'm happy to leave it because of that but it was a great stay as far as people and everyone I met in South Dakota was so helpful and I have current the rest of the way so even if there's wind at least I can still move forward," said the first-time expeditioner. Scott plans to end his ride in late September at the Arch in St. Louis, where he'll have paddle boarded for about 2,400 miles for 107 days. To follow the rest of Scott's journey you can visit his website at