Children's Museum Begins Capital Campaign

The Children's Museum of Siouxland will soon be a reality. But before kids can explore and enjoy the new attraction, a big chunk of money needs to be raised.

The museum features 9 interactive exhibition spaces, including the "climber", which runs the height and length of the entrance wall to the building.

A year long capital campaign will help raise funds and feature many fun events: all part of the puzzle that means the most to the people who will be visiting the museum.

"There'll be a lot of major contributors, but the community is really where it all starts and that's where we are able to show the community involvement and the fact that Siouxland really wants to have a children's museum open for the kids of our community," said Kari Kellen, the museum's executive director

The goal is to raise $4.5 million during this one year campaign.

A Charity Guest Bartender Night at Eldon's Restaurant will kick off the campaign. That event will be held next Thursday evening (April 5th) from 6 to 8 P.M.