Children's Museum of Siouxland Receives $250,000 Donation

Children around Siouxland are much closer to visiting and touring a new Children's Museum in downtown Sioux City.

Siouxland News Reporter Beairshelle Edmé tell us how a big donation is helping make that a reality for kids.

It's been several years since the doors closed to kids around Siouxland, but $250,000 from Tyson Foods, Inc. could soon change that by the Summer of 2015.

The donation will help build the agriculture educational center for a farm to table exhibit.

"There's a certain food illiteracy would be the right term for it and so young children, especially within the Sioux City community and some of the more metropolitan area, don't understand that both bacon and ham come from a pig, simple lessons like that," said Kari Kellen, executive director for the museum.

The display plans to also help the museum become a prime spot in Northwest Iowa for education and tourism.

Tyson Foods' Bruce Pautsch told Siouxland News that the company's contribution is helping tri-state families get an interactive experience with the ag world.

"I thought 'okay, I'll sit down with you and see what you have,' this is really exciting. If you see the plans and the interaction that the children can have and the application process of actually touching and of doing things, they're not only going to learn things, they're going to have a lot of fun and any time you can see a smile on a kids face that's almost priceless," said Bruce Pautsch, whose initial hesitancy has been subsided.

The renovated museum on Pearl Street between 6th and 7th will also include other exhibits in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.

Board members hope to be up and running with construction starting this summer.

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