Sioux City Shop Owner Chooses Business Over Politics

(SIOUX CITY, IA) - A well known Sioux City business that's been around for 121 years is about to change hands for only the second time. The owner of Mullin Awning and Siding, Rick Mullin, has decided to retire and hand the reigns over to employee Brian Rosener.

Interestingly enough, Mullin and Rosener are opposites on the political spectrum. Mullin is a longtime Democratic leader and former head of the Woodbury County Democrats and Rosener currently heads the county Republicans.

"When I was a kid he was elected to the city council and he was later the Mayor of Sioux City," said Mullin of his father, Don Mullin. The Mullin men are well-known, mostly for the business they've owned for 56 years. Rick Mullin spent more than 40 years putting in thousands of hours to continue the tradition. Now, he's saying goodbye. "I think he'd have mixed feelings because he threw his whole life into this place as we all have over the years, but I think he'd be happy for me and for my family," said Mullin. Rick found his replacement: long-time employee Brian Rosener. "He knows the business inside out. He has a great rapport with customers and will our suppliers and a very good reputation. So it seemed like kind of a natural and it's a good fit for him," said Mullin.
As the saying goes, timing is everything. "I've waited for that time for 15 years maybe a little unknowingly, but yeah. The opportunity is here and really excited about taking advantage of it," said Rosener. In this economy. Brian believes he now has the power to help the community. "We're in a position that we can help homeowners keep the value of their home, improve the value of their home, preserve the investment that they have," said Rosener.
Mullin's father bought the shop in 1957 from the Wallen family. The Wallens had owned it since 1892. Now Rosener will be just the third owner in more than a century.
Rosener didn't buy the building, only the business. The building was originally designed for manufacturing. So it's now up for sale if anyone else wants to buy it.