Chris Christie Endorses Iowa Congressman Steve King

(SIOUX CITY, IA) New Jersey Governor Chris Christie officially endorsed Iowa Congressman Steve King today, at an appearance in Sioux City as keynote speaker for King's 5th Annual Defenders of Freedom fundraiser.

King, however, wasn't at his own event! According to his campaign, King flew to Washington D.C. yesterday to continue fighting for the passage of the Farm Bill.

That didn't stop Governor Christie from coming out and supporting King, and the Romney campaign.

"I'm here to support Steve King today, because he's one of those leaders," Christie said.

Christie calls King a man of character, a truth talker, who stands for what he believes in, and that King is his ally.

He says King stood by him in 2009 when he was asked to answer questions in a sub-committee about a controversial court-monitoring contract he awarded to a firm owned by former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft.

"There was only one guy who stayed there the entire time, there was only one guy who stood up for me during that hearing, there was only one guy who went on attack against the Democratic chairman," Christie said.

Besides the camaraderie between the two, Briar Cliff political science professor David Wiltse says the support of national political figures for local candidates is pretty standard.

"People like Chris Christie, who's really developed a good name for himself over the past few years since becoming New Jersey Governor, it would probably be a plus for Representative King," says Wiltse.

Christie touched on many things, like Steve King's campaign, and the presidential race - where national polls show Mitt Romney slipping.

"Every politician looks at polls, and any politician who comes before you behind one of these podiums and says they don't look at polls, they are lying. They are flat out lying to you, we all look at polls. Why do you think we spend so much money to take them? So that we don't read them? We read them and we look at them," says Christie.

"Here's the difference, real leaders don't follow polls, real leaders change polls. That's what real leaders do, real leaders say, I think you're wrong on this one folks, if you believe it in your heart, and here's why and makes the argument to you as to why you should change your mind."

Congressman King was in D.C. today, trying to get the Farm Bill passed, but House Republican leaders announced today that action will not be taken on the Farm Bill until after the November election.

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