City Council To Meet Tomorrow To Approve Sabre Industries Expansion

Tomorrow marks a big day for the future of Sabre Industries' expansion into Southbridge Business Park.

A special City Council meeting is being held to approve a series of deeds and leases for the company to move forward with construction.

Sabre will be the first business to build in the park and construction will be completed in multiple phases.

The first phase of the project will bring 200 new jobs to the area and another 100 new jobs are expected to follow.

"The growing part, really fast part of their business is on the electric transmission sites, and they've been getting so many orders, they need to stay in business as they build, and of course they have other locations as well, and then transition into the new facilities as they come online," said Sioux City Economic Development Director Marty Dougherty.

The project will include seven new buildings for the company and will cost $28 million to complete.

Construction is expected to begin within the next few weeks and be completed in early 2013.

The meeting will be held at 9 A.M. tomorrow at City Hall.