Sioux City Says Farewell To City Manager Paul Eckert

Sioux City has said its goodbyes to a long-time city employee Paul Eckert, who finished up most of his duties today as City Manager.
Eckert resigned in late July.
His departure isn't without some controversy, following allegations and a lawsuit by former City employee Brittany Scott for sexual harassment.
After more than a decade at City Hall, Eckert leaves for Mt. Shasta, California, where he will also serve as City Manager. But Eckert says this move has nothing to do with the recent events.
He's says it's based on what's best for his family and his future.

Eckert said his final farewells at a celebration in his honor, before leaving with his family.

He started his career in 1997 as Assistant City Manager and was promoted to City Manager in 2002.

His supporters says Eckert is responsible for overseeing many positive changes in the City, from economic development to quality of life.

They say he's leaving behind a community that's changed for the better.

"The accomplishments that we've made in Sioux City, he doesn't necessarily take credit for them but for sure he's always been extremely involved in everything that's going on," said City Council Member John Fitch.

"He's one to get involved get his hands dirty and make Sioux City a better place," said Anna Westra, Economic Development Specialist.

Mayor Bob Scott said Eckert never stepped back from the challenges of the job, even through tough times.

"It takes a special person to be able to guide people through those types of times, and Paul you did that successfully so we appreciate that," said Scott.

But Eckert's resignation has also spurred more questions about his tenure.

The past few weeks for Eckert has spiraled around sexual allegations, but on this occasion his peers say that's not what they're focusing on; instead, they're looking to his legacy of 17 years.

"You know that's just an issue that's going to be resolved and it's going to be put behind us and we're going to move forward," said City Council Member Rhonda Capron.

The future is where the outgoing City Manager is looking towards.

He left with these final words.

"I'd just like to thank the community. It's been a privilege and an honor to work with all the great citizens here in Sioux City. It's just been a fantastic place to raise our children-- Great comments tonight, but really they're all about the community, not about me."

Paul Eckert's official last day is Monday, August 19th.

Afterwards, Bob Padmore will temporarily take over the position.

City officials say they're confident Padmore will continue to lead Sioux City to more development and expansion.