Congress Continues Failure to Compromise

On capitol hill this week, a feeling of chaos once again. A familiar question: what has congress achieved since returning from its last recess? David Lublin is a professor in the Dept of Government at American University and says with both parties seemingly more unwilling than ever to compromise, politics trumped policy-making once again. "In some ways one wonders do they want it to be dysfunctional because then they can attack the dysfunctionality in the midterm elections to gain more seats," said Lublin. "Some lawmakers were already on their way to the airport when the house decided to work an extra day to try to address the crisis at the boarder a 659 million dollar measure they balked on Thursday." They've had about 70 laws enacted in 201, most of which you've probably never heard of, and each individual makes 174 thousand dollars a year. Even though many work just 11 or 12 days a month, 85 days total since the beginning of this year One issue that brought lawmakers together: the crisis at the Dept of Veterans Affairs. Although it took months, they were able to pass a bill giving veterans easier access to medical care. With mid-term elections around the corner, few in Washington seem optimistic the second part of this year will be far more productive than the first.