Construction Headaches are Back Again

(SIOUX CITY, IA) Work on a massive road project in Sioux City is temporarily scrubbed. But it won't be long before drivers can expect to see traffic jams once again.

So what's the hold up? Wind and Cold temperatures.

The all too familiar sights and sounds of construction were supposed to start In the morning
but harsh winds temporarily stopped the project.

Crews were scheduled to get rid of old traffic markings and paint new ones but when it gets cold outside the paint doesn't always stick to the ground which is one reason workers decided to hold off.

"Part of it is you need to remove the existing pavement markings so they don't conflict with what you're putting down and in doing that there's different methods but one of the methods is to water blast it off. Well, with cold temperatures it doesn't dry very well. It could freeze," says Dean Herbst, Construction Engineer for the Iowa Department of Transportation.

So crews have been getting ready for the work ahead.

"This upcoming week, they will be working on the clearing and grubbing that's on the southern half of the project that's closer to sergeant bluff," says Herbst.

Clearing away dead bushes and tree limbs on the side of the road - making way for lane closings. Next month North bound traffic on I29 from Sergeant Bluff to Singing Hills Boulevard will be diverted into what's now a south bound lane.

"What's happening is we're reconstructing all the north bound lanes and in doing that we need to move traffic over into a two lane configuration to allow workers to have area to get it reconstructed," he says.

You'll also notice in April the on ramp to I29 southbound from Nebraska will close so it can get finishing touches. That should be done by mid-July.

"It's always challenging when we first make the traffic switches because people don't know where to go and its different. You try to describe it and show detour maps and that kind of things but its hard to visualize until you drive through it yourself," says Herbst.

And you'll have the opportunity starting next Monday, March 25, 2013

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