Construction on Dakota Avenue May Inconvenience Drivers In South Sioux City

Accidents, potholes and parking are all well-known problems along Dakota avenue, but with new renovation, major improvements will come too."The way the road was designed, people would go around the right side and turn around cars that were making left turns. What would happen is that would create a situation when other people would want to make left turns and cause a lot of collisions at intersections," said Livermore"These bright yellow vests are hardly a fashion statement, but they're about to become a fixture along Dakota avenue in South Sioux City,"said Joe Bisaccia of Siouxland News.The project stretches from 29th Street to 39th Street. This could be an inconvenience for drivers, but Livermore has a few tips to avoid it."Try to avoid the area all together, unless you are planning on doing business. The best way is to take I-29 over to highway 77 which we call the bypass," said Livermore. Taking those roads brings you back to Dakota avenue north of construction.