Conversations with Candidates: Adam Gregg

Republicans have been trying, unsuccessfully, for decades to unseat Tom Miller as Iowa's Attorney General. Now the party thinks it has a good shot with Hawarden native Adam Gregg. "Isn't it time Iowa had an attorney general who served as Iowa's lawyer, not Obama's lawyer? Yes! My friends the time has come," If you have ever heard an Adam Gregg rally, that speech may sound very familiar to you. An unknown in the political world until he was handpicked to serve as a top advisor for Iowa Governor Terry Branstad. Gregg is now making a name for himself by running against current Attorney General Tom Miller. "I have not lived my life with the goal of becoming attorney general," said Gregg. "What I have done, though, is worked really hard and pursued opportunities when they've presented themselves." The former attorney is hoping to do what no Republican has been able to since the late 1970s. And he knows he's the underdog of this race. "It's tough to beat somebody who's been elected eight times. But if I work really hard, make the best case I can, I can beat him," Gregg said. And his plan to beat Miller is simple. "I'm going to meet with as many Iowans as I can. I'm going to make the best case that I can. I've committed to getting to all 99 counties in this election. I've already been to 68 counties." Gregg is a 31 year old married father with two children. He says he is now about the same age Miller was when Miller first ran for office in 1978. "What I will ask Iowans to do is not to look at our age or length of service but take a look at the quality of service and take a look at what he's accomplished in his time in public service and what I've accomplished in my short time of public service," said Gregg. "Transformational education reform, an Iowa alternative to Obamacare, the largest tax cut in Iowa history. All of those things in my role as legislative liaison and that's just in the 2013 legislative session." But Gregg says there is more to be done, "What I'm proposing is creating a division specifically within the AG's office focused on prosecuting cybercrime and crimes against children." He also wants to work with the legislature that would protect children from cyberbullying. "Now's it's online," he said. "It's 24/7 and it can be brutal and it's frankly destroying many of our children's lives."

A rally is being held for Gregg in Hawarden Tuesday to support his run for attorney general. Lunch will be served at the Central Avenue Caboose at 1 in the afternoon with the rally beginning at 1:30.